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The shooter says he tries not to be overcritical of himself
Some of the compensatory strategies that adults adopt to deal with these negative processes include procrastination, overcritical judgment, and "pseudoefficiency," whereby the individuals occupy themselves with busy work as a way to keep themselves from failing at real work, he noted.
To his enemies, he was remote, overcritical, sometimes too radical, often impossible to work with.
Ostrowski agrees, noting that those involved in the sale of the home can get cranky if they feel you're being overcritical.
I came back well from Sri Lanka but the West Indies was really hard and in some ways I think I've been overcritical of myself sometimes.
RAT - 1996: Imaginative characters who are both charming and generous to those they love, but with a quick temper and overcritical nature.
2) Somewhat overcritical of his German contemporaries, Nietzsche describes in his provocative autobiography Ecce Homo (written in the Fall of 1888) the reception of his works as follows: "uberall sonst habe ich Leser--lauter ansgesuchte Intelligenzen, bewahrte, in hohen Stellungen and Pflichten erzogene Charaktere; ich habe sogar wirkliche Genies unter meinen Lesern.
RCA tp = arc, ear RCA ta1 = arch, card, care, carp, cart, crab, cram, craw, czar, orca, race, rack, racy, sear RCA VICTOR ta3 = overcritical RCA VICTOR ta4 = reciprocative
She has tried throughout the story to please an overcritical man, making us uncomfortable at her self-submission, but at the same time, we are moved by the outpouring of love.
In an address to the Newspaper Society's annual dinner in May 1938, he appealed to provincial newspapers to refrain from indulging in overcritical comment concerning foreign personalities, and stated:
Be tolerant of such seemingly overcritical behavior.