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An inspection at the Fazakerley prison in June last year found that it was overcrowded and said prisoners were being held in "squalid" cells designed for fewer inmates.
It comes after new figures revealed that threequarters of men's jails in England and Wales are overcrowded.
The three situations are: a dwelling can become statutorily overcrowded as a result of children growing up and reaching the age of ten.
Other overcrowded prisons were Altcourse, Doncaster, Pentonville, Preston, Manchester, Elmley, Nottingham and Durham.
Swansea, a category B/C men's prison, is the third most overcrowded prison in England and Wales, with levels at 182% of what they should be.
Labour and the Tories need to abandon knee-jerk, sensationalist policies that claim to be tough on crime, but just contribute to overcrowded prisons and lead to more reoffending.
So, as you suffer on an overcrowded Merseyrail train, you may want to reflect that a fleet of identical electric units lies idle in storage in the South East which could be used immediately to ease Merseyside overcrowding if Merseyrail paid to lease them.
Eyewitnesses said the bus was overcrowded, which could have led to the accident.
She added: "It is hard to pretend we are providing these children the best education in such overcrowded classes.
NEW figures have revealed Durham Prison is in Britain's top 10 overcrowded prisons.
Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi authorities have found several overcrowded accommodations in a campaign against illegal constructions (and overcrowding) in buildings which began on February 1, a senior official told Gulf News.
Schools are overcrowded in newly built residential areas.