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'Generally, Huye district needs over 400 schools to address overcrowding in schools.
The figures reveal a clear relationship with overcrowding and violence in prisons.
While these are very necessary steps, which our lawmakers are guilty of neglecting, the massive overcrowding of our prisons should also raise alarms about our increasing conviction rate and outdated evidentiary laws.
"Simon Harris has completely failed to address the overcrowding crisis which has engulfed this hospital for years now, and it seems he has no plan to fix the problem.
It means that overcrowding rates are now around five times higher in the private rental sector and more than six times higher in social housing than they are among homeowners.
Residents have repeated raised concerns about overcrowding in the area.
In rural areas, the overcrowding of housing in Bulgaria is 34 percent, while for the EU the indicator is twice as low as 17 percent.
People faced difficulties (because of overcrowding).
Overcrowding on peak train routes will increase in the coming years, it predicted.
The initiative comes following comments made by Interior Minister Sar Kheng on December 3, in which he said slow legal procedures for prisoners in pre-trial detention were a major cause of prison overcrowding, which consequently negatively impacted inmate conditions.
The figure represents 15 per cent of all passengers, and is up from 5,960 the year before, despite pledges to ease overcrowding on commuter services.
Figures released this week show the shocking levels of overcrowding as inmates are crammed in to crumbling jails.