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Cannock Chase Council is set to approve the plan on Wednesday, despite the objections of existing residents who fear the area is becoming overdeveloped.
Recently, my left arm muscles have become very overdeveloped as I have had to cart him about while attempting to keep up with the mountain of laundry he creates but, all in all, he's good fun.
Usually an overdeveloped root system means the pot has dried out often, which puts stress on the plant living in it.
We find it impossible to conceive of this other planet that exists beyond the cars and factories of our wasteful, polluted, overdeveloped world.
Bryn Evans, who lives near the site, said: "This sensitive area will be grossly overdeveloped.
Hexham MP Peter Atkinson, who has analysed official figures, warned areas were being overdeveloped while the need for more affordable housing was not being addressed.
It's important that she has muscles that support all these activities, but without an overdeveloped look.
People in Gosforth, Newcastle, battled for more than five years to prevent the Eastlands site in Elmfield Road being overdeveloped, but owner Miller Homes was granted planning permission in August last year to build 47 flats there.
Physically overdeveloped for her age, Lil' Bit has an adolescent's awkward self-consciousness that finds an echo in Peck, a man who never really finished growing up.
Sandy Rosser, of Main Road, who spoke at the meeting and has campaigned against other developments in the village, said: 'The village is such a unique location and it has been overdeveloped.
But by and large these are confined to a few overdeveloped resorts which still make a valuable contribution to the Spanish economy and so are tolerated.
Only instead of sprouting fins, we've grown this strange overdeveloped sense of civility that applies only when we're sealed off from each other in individual chunks of metal.