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It's also easy to overdo it on nail polish removers, tooth whiteners, facial cleansers and wrinkle creams.
We all overdo it at times--especially during the holidays, when our product will be hitting store shelves--and di-gel is the solution for when that catches up with you.
Even low-fat snacks will cause you to gain weight if you overdo it.
Don't overdo it on any one day, and make sure your friends and family know to move at your pace.
But don't overdo it: the desserts and espresso have a following of their own as well.
While Middleton manipulates dramatic conventions such as prodigal son plays or the patriarchal social structures that govern social mobility, Jonson's humor is more corrosive because so theatrically-determined in characters like Face, Subtle, Volpone, Justice Overdo, and Dauphine.
More than one shooter has found shooting big guns (providing you don't overdo it and develop a flinch) can actually improve consistency with all guns.
Feed and water tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers etc in the greenhouse but don't overdo it - if the compost is moist leave it to start drying out as sodden compost can lead to root rot, particularly in growing bags.
The truth is, "you absolutely can overdo it,'' says Jessica Crandall, a registered dietitian in Denver and national spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
But, as with any new activity, people should pace themselves and not overdo it.
ONail artOs great for a party, but donOt overdo it,O says manicure man to the stars, Leighton Denny.