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The most important thing I have learnt is not to overdo things.
I get the feeling it's injured and that he must not overdo things.
I wanted to get some black type next to her name and now that has been achieved we can think about another race, although her owner Nicholas Springer is considering keeping her on as a four-year-old, in which case I wouldn't want to overdo things for the rest of the year.
On the one side,it should hopefully be an immediate and very visible deterrent to those tempted to overdo things on a night out.
Tuesday's child is loving and sweet and generous as well as being generally very focused, so this wee one will have it all at times, but may tend to overdo things, wanting to keep going for gold, and perhaps needing to learn a little about moderation now and then
Fretwell said: "He's a nice horse, but he's a little weak, and we won't overdo things this year.
Yeung, Yu and the board are well aware of McLeish's concerns and have continually tweaked the tour itinerary so as not to overdo things.
It's not a day to chance your luck Cancer, push it by all means just don't overdo things please.
On the home front you're being urged to watch what you spend and to make sure you don't overdo things where it's not needed.
Sad to say, if it's the technical side, there's always the risk that the headbanging brigade will arrive en masse, overdo things and attract the attention of the law, with the result that everyone gets tarred with the same anti-biking brush.
He added, 'It must now be careful not to overdo things.