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Yet try not to overdo things because your nervous energy can be low, so a few early nights will help.
When you overdo things you usually really overdo them and when I see my Sagittarius friends do it, it makes me smile.
But if you're doing something physical be sure you don't overdo things, because the chances of getting a fever or a cold are higher.
We have learnt not to overdo things here before the race.
The prevailing view on this side of the Atlantic is the the Americans are prone to overdo things a tad.
She added, 'Everyone is mindful that she has been advised not to overdo things, but if she agreed to sing, it would be the icing on the cake as far as the organisers are concerned.
Houllier has been warned not to overdo things by doctors and his Anfield employers but Liverpool's automatic Champions League qualification has seen the Frenchman as active as anyone in the summer transfer market.
Coaches have to teach them to focus on their role in the team pattern, but to flow with the action--not hurry or overdo things, the byproducts of anxiety.
I find people overdo things and don't know when to stop.
While he knows how to prepare himself for a fight, he has the tendency to overdo things up," Roach said.
It is very easy with both these problems to overdo things and take yourself back to square one.