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OVERDOING IT McGeady says Ireland have been training hard
RED TEA is completely caffeine-free so you can enjoy unlimited cups, multiplying the benefits from all its healthful properties without overdoing the caffeine--perfect for today's healthy lifestyles.
But he was gutted to miss out on the first Old Firm meeting of the campaign after overdoing it in the build-up to the game.
Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close, still overdoing the two-tone fashion atrocity bit) starts off having been mentally reprogrammed in prison, loving canines.
Drink Aware said people were more at risk of overdoing it at house parties because the festival falls over a weekend.
Self-dramatizing and self-congratulatory without overdoing it, in his silk vests and green scarves, Ramey delivers the famous ``Golden Calf'' aria with amusing brio, but it's brio with cold teeth.
Crowe himself is driven by a recent trauma - a former patient (Donnie Wahlberg, overdoing it) broke into his home and shot the doctor before taking his own life.
Welles eventually locates a sleazy, X-video producer (James Gandolfini, overdoing the ooze) and a New York director of bizarre ``specialty'' films (Peter Stormare, overdoing everything).
Another documentary about Roger Maris isn't overdoing it, especially this one.
I'm going to do everything I can do to make this thing better without overdoing anything.
Guided by the philosophy that anything worth doing is worth overdoing, Charles Ludlam, the crown prince of high camp, created a great American comedy in 1984 called ``The Mystery of Irma Vep.
He reportedly felt fine Wednesday, but sat out practice to avoid overdoing it and will start tonight.