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But our view is that inflation worries in the US is overdone, that US Fed will continue to raise rates very gradually, that the recent volatility is just a short-term correction,' Neumann said.
Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) has opined that the banks' selloff has been overdone.
Onlooking oystercatchers outcry, "Overdone, overdone.
Eventually, Sonia confesses she hasn't attended a course at all - she's been to an intensive Boot Camp to try and lose weight and has overdone it.
I felt Walt's overdone bravado, and the resulting violent confrontations, were a bit overdone.
It will help your face feel a bit more human if you have overdone the sun.
Summary: Gold rose on Tuesday for a third straight session as investors interpreted the previous week's plunge to three-year lows as overdone, while looking for further indications of an end to US monetary easing soon.
Although bourses were expected to open higher at 0700 GMT , feeding off gains on Wall Street the previous session , one trader said selling of Bunds on Thursday was overdone.
I think he's overdone it by the will of wanting to get better and better.
Sixty local ministers had signed a petition protesting the opening of the Hooters, but Rozycki thinks the fuss is overdone.
Indeed, the aisles were transformed into additional playing areas over the next two hours as the actors playing Duke Vincentio, Mistress Overdone, Isabella, and Claudio used these spaces to deriver their respective soliloquies.