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A check that is drawn on an account containing less money than the amount stated on the check.

The term overdraft is also used in reference to the condition that exists when vouchers or purchase orders are drawn in amounts exceeding the amount that has been appropriated or budgeted.


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The changes also mean providers will be required to advertise arranged overdraft prices with an APR (annual percentage rate) to help customers shop around.
The bank reported overdraft income of $3.7 million, 39% of its total noninterest income of $9.5 million.
The FCA has also announced it is: | Requiring banks and building societies to advertise arranged overdraft prices with an APR (annual percentage rate) to help customers compare them against other products; | Issuing new guidance to reiterate that fees for refused payment should reasonably correspond to the costs of refusing payments; | Requiring banks and building societies to do more to identify customers showing signs of financial strain or in financial difficulty, and put strategies in place to reduce repeat overdraft use.
In 2017, the FCA revealed banks raked in PS2.4billion from customers who had unarranged overdrafts.
The FCA first proposed the reforms back in December, saying it wanted to make overdrafts simpler, fairer and easier to manage.
The regulator's consultation on unarranged overdrafts is currently underway and is due to end later this month, with rule changes made by the end of the year, Bailey told the Public Accounts Committee.
"These changes would provide greater protection for the millions of people who use an overdraft, particularly the most vulnerable," Andrew Bailey said.
According to uSwitch.com, 20 per cent of people have no idea what their overdraft costs them and 60 per cent didn't know they could switch bank account while being overdrawn.
This facility significantly improves customers' convenience, as they get an overdraft facility upto Rs.