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The tacky score, plane cinematography, overdramatic performances are perfect ingredients for a parody - except that "Love in the Medina" is not.
This is not a film for the claustrophobic, although the confined space fails to create the tension it might, despite the overdramatic music.
Without being overdramatic, this is the biggest decision that will ever be made surrounding Liverpool Football Club; one that will determine their position in the game for years to come.
Martel inserts that in the last few pages, but the effect is contrived and overdramatic, which lets down the writing that has preceded it.
I have seen lot of things happen all over the world still happening, dramatic, overdramatic, melodramatic and I think this is the best profession in the world," said Dev Anand.
The writing can be overdramatic with Abigail feeling all emotions to the extreme.
Anthony McCall's trademark cones of light projecting from the high ceilings of the handsome Saint Cornelius Chapel amid a haze of mist felt predictably overdramatic.
The period of the French Revolutionary War was noted for its colorful and often overdramatic eloquence and its addiction to ornate monuments and ceremonies of various kinds.
Who do they think they're fooling with their overdramatic visits to the embassies and their hypocritical lamentations?
While that may be a bit overdramatic, at the very least I was hard pressed to think of a time when all was calm and working well.
Journalists and news organizations who continue to brushoff readers' complaints or issue terse "we stand by our story" statements will no doubt find the subtitle of Silverman's book a bit overdramatic.
Call me overdramatic, but this is a lot for the central Arkansas economy to absorb, anticipate, overcome and capitalize on in short order.