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Many dismiss this as a rather overdramatic reaction, but I'm with Marcel on this one; for me, food evokes and reawakens wonderful, visceral memories every bit as well as hearing a long-forgotten song or smelling a scent that draws out those deep memories in a thrilling rush.
Their relationship thickens the plot with sectarian tension, but Elizabeth's accidental death at the hands of young United Irishman and Dan's overdramatic response, are out of place in a work that does little to stir one's emotions.
He added: "Honest to God, I'm not being overdramatic, I thought I'd seen my last Christmas.
You might feel like your world's fallen apart and everyone thinks you're being overdramatic, but it isn't just a case of getting a wig and everything carries on the same," she says.
Von Thaer admitted his examples were overdramatic but asserted that small Defense Department teams were able to accomplish similar feats using only software downloaded from the Internet.
What a breath of fresh air she is to the normally fake, overdramatic, crying world that is a Hollywood award ceremony.
PRETTY PETALS If this season''s florals feel too heavy and overdramatic, keep your look light and leafy through your print.
MANCHESTER CITY boss Roberto Mancini has been busy moaning about the lack of investment over the summer but his squad can show that the Italian's complaints are overdramatic by beating Chelsea in today's Community Shield clash at Villa Park.
An interpretation of the average indigenous narrative, in terms of a "counter culture" of "resistance and rebellion", is perhaps a little overdramatic (well-intended as such an approach may be).
To be for autonomy and against essentialism is overdramatic theory unworthy of women's plain good sense; nor is it beyond the capacity of philosophical women to say why it is wrong in theory.
The tacky score, plane cinematography, overdramatic performances are perfect ingredients for a parody - except that "Love in the Medina" is not.