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Though her portrait of Hollywood's corruption can be wickedly funny, she does overdramatize her struggles with producers and executives.
Still, there's a temptation, because Social Security affects old people, to overdramatize with widows-and-orphans stories instead of pointing out the inequities in the system.
I'm not attempting to overdramatize for the sake of shock; you've read this information in the papers and news magazines by now.
An authentic teacher story is not contrived to be cute, edited to flatter the teacher or sensationalized to overdramatize events.
Yet Wennick does not overdramatize the issues; she merely describes the realities of life in the inner-city as a backdrop for the story of a girl searching for the truth.
Zimbalist and Mochary succeed so well in capturing the social transformation of the favela, it seems a political betrayal when they resort to prolonged overlays of ominous music and slo-mo suspense to overdramatize Anderson's final, personal brush with death.
Bresson makes these words more poignant by refusing to overdramatize the situation; we hear the barking of a dog as the camera's gradual withdrawal returns us to the world of appearances.
It's just like Pierson to overdramatize turning forty.
Linguists and professors of second-language learning and bilingual education overdramatize the difficulty that LEP students face in learning English.
And again, "One should not overdramatize the success of former communists in the election.
Riley was not thrilled by Moore's six interceptions and costly fumble in Arizona's win over Oregon State, but "I'm not going to overdramatize.
Music incorporates catchy klezmer melodies but occasionally threatens to overdramatize.