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Riley was not thrilled by Moore's six interceptions and costly fumble in Arizona's win over Oregon State, but "I'm not going to overdramatize.
We don't have to overdramatize it and get all bent out of shape,'' he said.
You don't want to overdramatize every game, but playing the teams in our division, especially as tight and talented as it is, all the games are pretty big,'' Appier said.
Because Hopkins, his deep feelings aside, is not one to overdramatize things.
71) While Don Quixote imitates Amadis's and Orlando's heroic overreaction to erotic rejection, the king overdramatizes the injury of a filial rejection triggered by his debilitated patriarchal self-esteem.
When rape is used in a way that overdramatizes a situation that did not include an actual rape it diminishes the suffering of the thousands of men, women and children who have suffered from the crime," Blanco said.
Enid (Thora Birch from American Beauty), the film's heroine, struggles to define herself in this vacuum: she overdramatizes, mocks everything in sight and dresses in flamboyant outfits that change in every scene.
The video neither overdramatizes nor whitewashes the cesarean experience and provides the facts without setting women up for having a cesarean.
Moreover, White overdramatizes Hopkins' Jesuit context.
Yet, apart from the fact that both sexes have gained more than 20 extra years of life over the same period, this assertion overdramatizes the reality.
Yet he's the one who overdramatizes the situation, not her.