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I just think they are inaccurate in the way they portrayed it; [they] overdramatized it I guess."
The book, 'I Am a Soldier, Too', sold 50,000 copies in its first week after an initial first print of 500,000, despite questions over the facts, and Lynch's own complaints that the military overdramatized her rescue.
At first glance many of the images (Cotopaxi and Rainy Season in the Tropics, both by Frederic Edwin Church, or Bierstadt's magnificently towering Yosemite Valley) seem slightly swollen, overdramatized, aimed to strike the eye like a kind of visual hammer.
But two overdramatized events later that year demanded even greater
One reporter challenged Slayton's rosy characterization, pointing out that "nothing seems to be difficult, nothing seems to be of concern; do you feel the situation is being overdramatized?" In downplaying NASA's concern, Slayton ran the risk of creating a backlash if the press believed the space agency had oversold the dangers the astronauts faced.
But it seems to assume an empirical picture that is overdramatized. The right starting point is a positive rather than normative account of unwritten constitutionalism.
Wiktor recounts the lives of three generations of Skrake men, presenting the family's personalities and experiences as a self-conscious, mildly overdramatized, and self-deprecatingly witty encapsulation of his community's and country's recent history.
In the final analysis, he says, the entire problem of money in politics has been overdramatized by reform proponents.
You accumulate them." During his several years of intense reporting in the town, he particularly followed the life and times of one Tommy O'Connor, the youngest member of a large working-class family who became a policeman and whose experiences offer a winding, revealing (if at times overdramatized) path through the recent adventures of Northampton.
If Earth suffered several simultaneous hits 214 million years ago with few lasting biological effects, then scientists may have, overdramatized the threats of life-ending strikes from space.
Regardless of the true amount spent on the campaign of 1896, some of the numbers quoted by historians have at times confused and overdramatized the campaign, while some of the high figures cited have, in fact, added falsely to the legend of Mark Hanna.
Defenders of the status quo point to the relatively sudden and distinctive emergence of the sleaze issue as a concept in public debate, arguing that it is only (or primarily) a mass media creation, a spasm or temporary moral panic in which a small number of problems are overdramatized and ascribed implausible levels of significance.