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Moreover, we intend to convince children and their parents that school uniforms are a good idea,\" the Education Minister Abdylda Musaev said.The Education Minister said that some NGOs are overdramatizing the significance of the Ministry\'s directive.The Ministry of Education and Science issued the order on the \"Religious Situation in Educational Institutions\" on February 19 requiring students to wear a uniform and banning them from wearing head scarves and other symbols of religious affiliation.
"We made a very rigorous choice to depict Falcone the man, not the hero; these are open wounds that need to be depicted accurately, without overdramatizing," Degli Esposti says.
She paced back in front of the store and thought of calling Adrienne or Joy and asking one of them to come get her, but either of them would think she was hysterical or overdramatizing. She couldn't tell them Lenny had deserted her.
By overdramatizing every new development with music and slogans, by keeping information from viewers until after a commercial break, journalists create an atmosphere in which the trivial and the significant are given equal status.