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The results indicated an increase in 5 percent offset yield strength but no change in ultimate strength for the overdriven joints.
2006) determined the strength of plywood joints with overdriven sheathing by testing several joints constructed with 12 mm plywood sheathing attached to 38 by 89 mm wood members using 8d common or 8d cooler nails.
Nevertheless, even Bao only tested 15 OSB specimens with one overdriven depth.
Ten joints with flush-driven nails and 10 joints for each overdriven nail depth (1.
Further testing, augmented with analytical modeling, is required to determine the effects of the percentage of total nails overdriven on the strength of diaphragms and wood shear walls with overdriven nails.
Although driving nails with a pneumatic nail gun and using a punch may not represent the same situation (or damage) as driving nails using only a pneumatic nail gun, it does provide a practical basis for quantifying the strength of joints with overdriven nails.
Plywood joints overdriven 1/16 inch with 8d cooler nails experienced different modes of failure: nail tearing of plywood was observed in five joints; nail fatigue was observed in one joint; and no failure was observed in four joints.