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Comparing the social, temperament, and rational aspects of self-concept, a significant difference was seen between the obese members of the anonymous overeaters group and the obese clients of the nutrition clinics (p < 0.
Substance abuse: As with overeaters, Amen first provides the by-now-familiar qualifier: "Supplementation largely depends on the type of substance abuse problem.
Having the nutrition information on menus is not going to change the ingrained dietary habits of overeaters.
A set of diet plans is included, specifically designed for anorexics, bulimics, and compulsive overeaters.
Many people who are obese suffer from compulsive overeating or yo-yo dieting, though not all obese individuals are compulsive overeaters.
The Solihull branch of Overeaters Anonymous meets every Sunday at Olton Friary, St Bernard's Road.
The 59-year-old, who lives in Kings Norton, belongs to Overeaters Anonymous - a national support group - which will hold its annual convention at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole this weekend.
Positron emission tomography research indicates that compulsive overeaters and drug addicts suffer from similar disruptions in brain circuitry.
With healthier eating, exercising, and joining Overeaters Anonymous (www.
We've got Overeaters Anonymous, and women who love too much (you might even get to put in as much quality time working on you as you did working on him).
Many have used Overeaters Anonymous (OA), a 12 Step program, to recover.