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The treatment of food addiction has to be more delicate, because you want to shut down the compulsive overeating, but you need to keep the desire to eat healthy food to survive intact.
Eating a healthy breakfast helps you control your impulse to eat when you are stressed out, prevents you from snacking between meals and overeating at lunch time, and jump starts your metabolism for the day, and revving up your fat burning ability for enhanced weight loss.
A doctor at the Aretaieion clinic in Nicosia who preferred to remain anonymous, also put the lack of overeating down to the crisis, saying that perhaps people are simply eating less because of it.
Overeating produced significantly less weight gain in the low-protein diet group (3.
Not surprisingly, the respondents have reiterated what we at Times of Oman have always emphasised: overeating after Iftar goes against the values of this truly precious month, which teaches us the virtues of sacrifice, sharing and caring.
Most people will compensate for that deprivation in the future by coming off their diet and overeating.
It is important to get a detailed history of the individual to understand what is their trigger point that leads to their overeating.
Obesity, which occurs most often from overeating patterns directly associated with binge eating, is a complex phenomena, and the etiology of the disease is not quite clear.
According to The End of Overeating (Rodale, 2009), America's staggering weight problem can be boiled down to three things: excess sugar, fat, and salt in our food.
The binge eating and compulsive overeating workbook; an integrated approach to overcoming disordered eating.
In the 2009 book The End of Overeating, former FDA commissioner David A.