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Parts of The Leas are 18 overed by designations such as site of special scientific interest, Special Area of Conservation, Special Protection Area and Ramsar site for its birdlife.
Molecular biology has become possible to be overcome the obstacles, which can not be overed by classical plant breeding technigues.
It has four levels, eac unobtrusively into the hillside with roofs co local vegetation to minimise the ecological The resort is one of 100 members of the award-winning Design Hotel Grou level of rooms has a diffe theme, from New Yor Soho to Countr trees and a cascades h built overed in impact.
Cohen-Armon said the drug's effectiveness in treating cancer cells was disc= overed accidentally.
A quantity of cash, drug paraphernalia and suspected stolen goods was also disc overed.
55) The court conceded that this was "a question which is not overed by authority" (56) but found conclusive the prospect that, if it adopted the husband's argument, "this English lady would find herself compelled in India [should he choose to return there] either to leave her husband or to share him with his Indian wife.
TABLE 5 Predicted Probability Distributions of Education and Competence Match Education Match Competence Match Overed.
That is unless there is evidence that the difference between the imputed Income and the declared income is c overed by borrowings or from savings that have been taxed or exempted from tax in the past or from gifts which have been subject to or exempted from donations tax, from income taxed abroad and imported to Greece, etc.
Anshel and Weinberg (1996) with the use of the Basketball Officials Sources of Stress Inventory (BOSSI) disc overed that American and Australian referees were more similar than different in regards to coping strategies.