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sentencing judge, Stewart admitted she "was careless, overemotional and politically naive in her representation of a terrorist client.
The overemotional Ghetto struggling for its breath in the thin air of puritan restraint.
Monroe's fury at being typecast as a bombshell shines through in her account of divorcing Arthur Miller after he wrote her the role of an overemotional bimbo in The Misfits.
Thus Amy becomes the embodiment of sophistication and high culture, whereas Ash represents the uncontrollable, the overemotional and the natural world of her Highland background: "Amy's voice sometimes, if a rose could speak, that's its voice, clipped, velvet, deep-tinged red.
Olmsted looked back on his life with humor and little regret, and urged his friends and loved ones not to get overemotional.
Not surprisingly, the protectorate of Bosnia, overseen by an internationally appointed colonial master, is still built on such prejudices; every now and then the democratic wishes of the overemotional and irrational populace are overridden--for Bosnians' own good, of course.
What he doesn't realize is, this prospect can be extremely difficult, overemotional, and will exhaust him to no end.
Gordon (2005), who served as the head of the Pedagogical Secretariat in the Israeli Ministry of Education, raised this text as an "example of good pedagogy" that would enable students to confront the moral problems in their society and to try to solve them, "if handled sensitively by a competent teacher (which entails being able to defuse overemotional, irrational, stereotypic views and also being able to teach the students that there are no simple unambiguous answers to such questions)" (374).
5) In a valuable detailing of the many inaccuracies and misrepresentations in Wigan Pier, Pearce states that Orwell veered from an "excessive and overemotional sympathy to a rather cold, dispassionate appraisal.
7) Further, as Mary Dearborn writes, the "ethnic woman suffers considerably from the consequences of being associated with the erotic" (131); one way of eroticizing her is to stamp her as being passionate and overemotional.
It is not entirely true that women are exclusively ruled by their emotions, and it is to be hoped that no officer, when selecting a woman for training as an agent, will choose the type of woman whose makeup is overemotional.
The whole was forcefully sung--though the voice is well past its prime--and one could forgive his overemotional reading of the big aria for the ovation it had to receive.