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Faculty reported an overemphasis on the Westernized approach to teaching within their math classes.
Fire officials say those shortages, which they blame Mayor Richard Riordan for creating with his overemphasis on more police - now jeopardize public safety.
In this respect, Tylus' methodology remains informed by new historicist work while arguing against what she sees as new historicism's overemphasis on the omnipresence of power-as-containment.
s overemphasis upon positive apophatics ultimately undermine the historical, incarnational foundations of Christian heightened consciousness?
In light of the increasing boredom reported by students and overemphasis on meeting standards and raising test scores, Smyth and McInerney (U.
In fact, she checks "Yugoslavian" on the national census as a protest to the overemphasis on national and religious identity.
An institutional framework directed solely to market solutions has the potential to contradict important social, cultural, and spiritual values and may lead to overemphasis on materialism, competition, and selfish individualism.
With the exaggerated emphasis in our country on the individual and his or her rights, with the overemphasis upon the freedom of the individual, and with the rhetoric of choice drowning out genuine concern for the community and common good, why are we surprised when people truly believe that they are entitled to use any means, even force, to safeguard their individual rights and liberties?
He accentuates the positives and thus helps to counter the overemphasis on negatives.
Out of the 61 stations, KCBS ranked 42nd, receiving top marks for investigative reports but poor marks for its coverage of local institutions and its overemphasis (more than half its stories) on crime, fires and accidents.