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He knows that officially, the parliamentary party leaders are in no position ( technically) to check him despite the fact that his overenthusiasm in the PAC has certainly managed to embarrass them.
Bailey's survey of Jesuit art production in Asia, where European missionaries trained entire schools of local artists, deals with similar issues, though it suffers at points from the author's overenthusiasm.
inflated prices caused by overenthusiasm or artificial stimulants.
PERHAPS it's overenthusiasm, but are Sky Sports News reporters paid by commission depending on how much they can make the trivial sound dramatic?
An overenthusiasm for "branded" names has led to a pathological fixation on fame.
com), which describes the current state of technologies concerning the observed pattern of overenthusiasm, disillusionment and gradual improvement that could lead to maturity (see Figure 1).
And Solanki went for 16 when his middle stump was pinned back by Caddick after overenthusiasm appeared to get the better of the England hopeful.
It is a very useful corrective to the overenthusiasm of writers who claim a unique status for Europe in terms of the preconditions for sustained economic growth.
Along the way, the overenthusiasm for deficit reduction and budget balancing damaged the economy, mainly through underinvestment in the public sector.
Kramer, NIC executive director, added, "There was overenthusiasm on both sides of the fence a few years ago, but not any more.