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It is a very useful corrective to the overenthusiasm of writers who claim a unique status for Europe in terms of the preconditions for sustained economic growth.
Kramer, NIC executive director, added, "There was overenthusiasm on both sides of the fence a few years ago, but not any more.
Davies tries to put events in context but is prone to rampant overenthusiasm.
Politicians' reliance on misleading general polls in their design of sentencing policy has led to "a significant degree of legislative overenthusiasm for harsh sentencing":(29) There is a serious disjuncture between the extreme severity of many determinate sentencing schemes and the public's view of proper punishment.
It's a pity that some theoretical overenthusiasm and publisher hyperbole ventured a third purpose that falls flat.
The overenthusiasm on the part of the rich nations to promote democratization in Africa after the Cold War has led some African countries to conclude that democracy, if imposed from outside, can be a form of imperialism.
The cemetery was no less criticized for overemotionalism, overenthusiasm (or bad taste), and overcrowding.
How could one explain such deadpan overenthusiasm to the cultural apparatchiks of the Brezhnev era?
Overenthusiasm in the polis for university athletics vexed Graham, a sports buff who knew its inherent value.
the "hubris" theory of Roll |17~ and "winner's curse" theory of Varaiya and Ferris |23~, which ascribe overpayments by bidders as unintentional, caused by overenthusiasm or poor judgement on the part of the managers.
All of this analysis supports the conclusion that the process of adjusting the capital stock to the investment errors and overenthusiasm of the past is well advanced.