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Heddy immediately began jogging overenthusiastically to the beat of Mick Jagger's I can't get no satisfaction.
In the aforementioned example, White students may describe and explore what led to their hesitant laugh, and Black students may explore whether they responded overenthusiastically to a comment that itself was rather self-denigrating.
As with Petruchio's behavior in church, which seems at once overenthusiastically obedient and impishly insubordinate, Faustus's treatment of the pope embodies conventional Anglican polemical impulses while at the same time exploiting a general atmosphere of irreverence and antagonism to the clergy.
HHHSPUN Cert 18, 101 minsThis has been somewhat overenthusiastically described as America's answer to Trainspotting on the grounds that it features a lot of drugs, a gross toilet sequence and more rapid edits and stylistic techniques than you can shake a stick at.
Ewing), and Kofi Annan's predecessor at the U.N., whom Ali G overenthusiastically introduces as "Boutros Bout ros Boutros Boutros-Ghali" and asks, "Which is da funniest language?"
This is surprising, since there seems to be quite a large number of 20-letter words that are clearly nontechnical and unarguably in common use--words such as UNCHARACTERISTICALLY, COMPARTMENTALIZATION, CONTRADISTINGUISHING, INCONSEQUENTIALITIES, INDISTINGUISHABILITY, INSTITUTIONALIZATION, INTERNATIONALISATION, OVERENTHUSIASTICALLY, OVERINTELLECTUALIZED and UNREPRESENTATIVENESS which none of us would be surprised to encounter.
When FESS came into vogue, it was overenthusiastically performed, even in cases of allergy-associated chronic rhinosinusitis.
When Allan arrives, Dorothy overenthusiastically utters the toast, "To Allan, to the start of his new life." Linda belatedly arrives and places her nightbag containing personal possessions unobtrusively in the corner before guiltily rushing up and kissing him.
There is a lovely moment when Crystal is overenthusiastically hugged by a member of the Cosa Nostra, and sharp-eyed moviegoers can see De Niro is clearly having to look away to avoid laughing and spoiling the scene.
"Can't we just be happy with the little we have?" he asks his wife, whom McEwan enthusiastically (sometimes overenthusiastically, really) presents as an exhausted rag doll.