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The present study examines the relationship between the consumer knowledge of financial and credit principles and the tendency to overestimate one's credit rating.
CANYONS AND RAVINES When the ground falls away between you and the target, you'll see much more ground than you are used to seeing for that shot distance, and you will almost always overestimate the range.
The insurance policy that dollar peggers have written themselves also overestimates the likelihood of the policy paying off in full.
The author found that husbands tend to overestimate their own contribution (or wives underestimate the husbands' contribution), but wives do not.
Carried to the extreme, it can allow a CEO to overestimate a company's ability to digest an acquisition.
A positive difference score represents a student overestimate relative to the instructor's perception.
Over half of the teens overestimate the percentage of high school students who have had sex.
One of the most puzzling points about Hussein's personality is his tendency to overestimate his own power and to underestimate the power of his external enemies.
It's clear that Scheuplein grossly overestimates the importance of "natural" carcinogens, and that he uses that overestimate to persuade us to not worry about the "unnatural" ones-the chemicals that we spray, sprinkle, or let seep into our food.
Christy said he believes the models overestimate warming because of the way they handle clouds.
Summary: Some people have suggested the world is getting smaller, but the majority overestimate its size ten-fold, according to new research.
MEN overestimate how many women they have had sex with without even knowing it, a study revealed yesterday.