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With respect to H2, those who overestimated their credit rating scored significantly lower on the financial knowledge quiz.
The strategy was sound, however the company underestimated the capital requirements of original production, it overestimated the revenues that would be produced by the original productions, and it severely underestimated the expense.
Further, respondents significantly overestimated the number of psychologists who were health care providers (clinicians, counseling and school specialists), as well as the number who are members of a minority group.
Although parents in both groups overestimated the time their babies' slept, parents of fussy children overestimated by an average of 27 minutes while the parents of the non-fussy children overestimated by 70 minutes.
Using these first two methods, RHS overestimated its 2003 budget needs by $51 million (6.
As a result, EPA has overestimated the waste streams generated by the two industries, the concentrations of constituents of concern in the wastes streams of the two industries and inaccurately modeled its proposal using disposal methods not utilized by the two industries.
At slower walking speeds, pedometers underestimated steps taken and overestimated distance traveled.
If we have overestimated dermal exposure and absorption, then internal doses far lower than our original estimates were sufficient to produce the increase in risks, and removal of these exposures reversed the increase.
Among the findings: Sixty-eight percent overestimated the serving size of cooked vegetables (a haft.
However, implied futures yields appear to overestimate the fed funds rate when rates fall quickly and underestimate it when rates rise quickly In 2001, when the intended rate fell 475 bp, 3-month fed funds futures overestimated the effective rate by 68 bp on average.
11] "Study Finds Cost of CPSC's Draft Flammability Standard Underestimated by $2 Billion--Benefits Overestimated," American Textile Manufacturers Institute, Washington, DC, Jan.