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The predominant direction of estimation error varied by race/ethnicity Of the white women, 10% accurately estimated their risk, 39% underestimated, and 51% overestimated their risk.
Tisha Schuller, the president and chief executive officer of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, expressed her concerns that the EPA overestimated the benefits of the rule by overestimating the emissions from fractured wells and overestimating the cost savings from the rule, while underestimating the costs for new equipment and regulatory and administrative requirements.
For many, the art of letter writing has been superseded by text and email, so it is unsurprising that children overestimated the price of a stamp.
The difficulty is when he was my number two, in a sense, as chancellor to my prime minister, people maybe overestimated his capacity to be prime minister.
In all, 39% of girls and 18% of boys were inactive--80% of their parents wrongly thought their child to be sufficiently active and 40% of these children overestimated their activity level.
This is sometimes overestimated in all sorts of places, including the Champions League.
Last night a spokesman for the couple said: "The Revenue overestimated by tens of thousands.
9 percent of respondents either overestimated or underestimated their credit quality.
Global Banking News-14 April 2008-Analysts overestimated impact of US subprime crisis on Chinese banks, ICBC(C)2008 ENPublishing - http://www.
Further, at schools in which the norm was four drinks the last time a student partied/socialized, 37% percent overestimated the norm by one or two drinks and an additional 34% overestimated by three or more.
Gutzeit, who then voted for the resolution, said she is still concerned about overestimated water supply levels, but believes the Stetson report is reliable.