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38) They concluded that this could be a sign that the analytical and forecasting models used by the Riksbank tend to overestimate inflation, and that there was therefore a risk of further low inflation going forward.
Whether Bates White overestimates the incidence of pleural abnormalities.
The dollar peggers also overestimate the risks from currency markets, and therefore the need for such insurance.
Replace "This again overestimates [chi]" by "This again underestimates [chi]".
The students' overestimates were significant for overall ability and all skills except listening comprehension.
Ventura County government's lawsuit says the report underestimates the increase in population during the next 20 years by 55,000 households and overestimates the amount of available water.
In short, the drop in the deficit was largely because of the surging economic recovery, which saw two strong quarters of growth just before Bill Clinton took office, and from overestimates of the cost of cleaning up the S&L debacle.