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A positive difference score represents a student overestimate relative to the instructor's perception.
It's clear that Scheuplein grossly overestimates the importance of "natural" carcinogens, and that he uses that overestimate to persuade us to not worry about the "unnatural" ones-the chemicals that we spray, sprinkle, or let seep into our food.
The extensive database compiled by InVitro and supplied to the EPA demonstrates, without question, that the pH test both underestimates and overestimates corrosivity," said Dr.
The objects are three times as reflective as comets, which means that earlier size calculations were considerable overestimates.
Ventura County and environmental groups have challenged the company's plan, saying it overestimates supply and underestimates demand.
Seebach's neural network model overestimates the extent to which a fetus can hear what nearby people say, Eimas contends.
According to the Boskin panel, the CPI consistently overestimates inflation in the national economy.