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The previous literature on international migration and international knowledge, however, has yielded two important findings that are useful for generating hypotheses for this research: 1) emigration aspirations and decisions are significantly shaped by socioeconomic opportunities and condition in foreign countries; 2) citizens in a developing and authoritarian country are often misinformed about foreign countries, and correcting their overestimation of foreign socioeconomic conditions can influence their social attitudes.
In addition, because half of the questions had the second best numbers as the correct answers, while the other half had the second worst numbers, the respondents had equal chances for overestimation and underestimation.
As the Chebyshev inclusion function has reasonable overestimation caused by wrapping effect of the interval arithmetic, the proposed interval inverse analysis method is proved effective in suspension design.
Absolute error measures the error magnitude but not the under- or overestimation bias.
Despite both genders showing an overestimation tendency, this tendency is slightly greater in boys (63.
In contrast to other studies, no significant difference was found in the numbers of accurate estimations, overestimations or underestimations when the anesthesiology and reanimation specialists were stratified according to their facility and gender.
In that case, overestimations remained similar with only slight differences.
7%) PLA non-HDL cholesterol calculations, including four overestimations and four underestimations of laboratory non-HDL cholesterol calculations.
Respondents who say they are "a lot more knowledgeable than other consumers" (+381 percent) and those who say they are "somewhat less knowledgeable than other consumers" (+379 percent) are those whose aggregate overestimations are the smallest.
The work is the first to document overestimation of intimate partner violence by batterers and is consistent with findings about a variety of other harmful behaviours such as substance use, gambling and eating disorders.
Both dye binding and the Howe (47) sulfate precipitation methods are particularly prone to overestimation of serum albumin.
Several studies have reported that, in different patient groups, these immunoassays show overestimation in tacrolimus concentrations when compared with methods specific for the parent drug (11-15).