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The main result is that short disease-free intervals applied for incidence estimation may lead to strong overestimations of the incidence.
In that case, overestimations remained similar with only slight differences.
7%) PLA non-HDL cholesterol calculations, including four overestimations and four underestimations of laboratory non-HDL cholesterol calculations.
8%) of the PLA HDL-C values, including 10 overestimations and 5 underestimations of laboratory HDL-C values.
Clearly this provision was serving an informative function in that overestimations decreased w hen "rewarded,"
It may be expected that an interresponse time (IRT)>t contingency, in which anticipatory responses are "punished" by imposing a delay before the next reinforcer becomes available, could certainly foster such overestimation.
The work is the first to document overestimation of intimate partner violence by batterers and is consistent with findings about a variety of other harmful behaviours such as substance use, gambling and eating disorders.
In summary, some conventional BCG methods are prone to overestimations of albumin that may delay diagnosis of congenital analbuminemia.
Both dye binding and the Howe (47) sulfate precipitation methods are particularly prone to overestimation of serum albumin.
The mean overestimations for the liver and renal transplant groups were 13.
Several studies have reported that, in different patient groups, these immunoassays show overestimation in tacrolimus concentrations when compared with methods specific for the parent drug (11-15).