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He has al ready made his comeback to Fir Park for the recent derby defeat by Hamilton Accies but the game acted as another warning he can't overexert himself any longer.
His tearful mother takes leave of him at the railway station and implores him: "Don't overexert yourself
The wily visitors should really have wrapped up the game somewhat earlier, though, Allenby and Paul Nixon easing to half centuries but never seeming to overexert themselves.
If Liverpool had kept pressing after Brad Friedel's sending off, who knows what the final score might have been - but why overexert yourself too much in such circumstances?
Don't overexert yourself during athletic events, and drink plenty of water.
Thus we recommend that smokers, lest they overexert themselves, gradually work up to the 5-minute walk, which may be substituted by a single push up, walking up a flight of two steps, or opening a door.
People should not overexert themselves outside as long as the smoke is at these levels," she said.
A third thing is the admonition not to overexert when dressing for an afternoon tea rather than mucking around in that dirty old dirt.
An ASD is an abnormal hole in the wall which allows abnormal blood flow from the left atrium into the right atrium, forcing the right side of the heart and lungs to overexert to compensate for the problem.
Reds boss Kenny Dalglish has urged England not to overexert Carroll as he continues to build up his fitness after a lengthy injury lay-off.