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Many of the doctors said they had been trying to get several of their patients to sell their homes and stop overexerting themselves with home maintenance," Jefferson said.
Some women compulsively eat to relieve tension, manage anxiety, distract themselves from the real issues, and reduce depression; others carry dieting to extremes and put themselves at risk by overexerting themselves during exercise.
If you're able to hold a conversation while jogging, it's a good sign you're not overexerting yourself.
Kean insists Coleman's illness has not been caused by overexerting himself in the first 10 months of his managerial career.
By attracting franchise veterans to operate within our system, we have been able to continue to promote growth, without overexerting additional resources at the corporate level.
Markel's writing style is agile, succinct, and illustrative, while never overexerting itself.
Of the Merseyside contingent, Gerrard was most impressive, gliding through the game without overexerting himself.
She adds that those with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure should be extra careful about overexerting themselves during the summer months.
This undermines several alternative explanations for the finding, including relatives' misreporting the day of death and people on the fourth day changing their diet, increasing alcohol use, refusing to take medication, or overexerting themselves.
PP: Is there a time frame that separates pain due to peripheral vascular disease from a muscular soreness that you might experience after overexerting yourself the previous day?
And while doctors can lecture about the hazards of mixing meds (the combination of Viagra with some nitrate-based medications has proved fatal) and of overexerting oneself (a person's heart rate and adrenaline level jump dramatically during sex), more than a few men will allow the prospect of "getting some" to override their common sense.
If not, you run the risk of either overexerting or holding back and resenting it.