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Correctional Officers From 1999 Through 2008 by Selected Events and Injured Body Parts Characteristics Number of Nonfatal Injuries ([+ Percent or -] CI) Event Assaults and violent acts 47,500 ([+ or -] 24,500) 38 Contact with objects 21,900 ([+ or -] 16,800) 18 and equipment Overexertion 25,400 ([+ or -] 12,500) 20 Injured body part Upper limb 37,500 ([+ or -] 19,500) 30 Hand and linger 23,500 ([+ or -] 12,200) 19 Trunk, neck and shoulder 30,200 ([+ or -] 16,900) 24 Lower limb 26,200 ([+ or -] 16,200) 21 Head and face: including 21,700 ([+ or -] 11,800) 17 eye, ear and mouth Total 125,200 ([+ or -] 70,100) 100
Frequency with which CFOs named overexertion as the No.
Leading Causes of Workplace Injuries ($Billion) Overexertion 13.
This information helped to identify the occurrence of overexertion and the risk of sprains and strains, which are often precursors to long-term injuries.
A review of death records from the Detroit area showed that more people with heart problems experienced sudden cardiac arrest due to overexertion during or after heavy snowstorms than during the period prior to the storms.
Out-of-shape or overweight participants are particularly vulnerable to heat-related physical problems, so they should be cautious with overexertion.
Overexertion accounted for 27 per cent of lost-time injuries over a four-year period.
Mr Wilson went off, possibly suffering from overexertion of his blowing apparatus.
Keep in mind that shoveling snow can be strenuous work, so take frequent breaks and avoid overexertion.
Overexertion was a leading cause of injury in tobacco farming, accounting for approximately 12% of the total injuries; however, it accounted for only 3.
We have found physical problems can include respiratory problems caused by the damp, coughs, colds and skin irritation, as well as cuts, bruises and strains from overexertion.
Within nursing and personal care facilities, the injury incidence rates arising from overexertion and, specifically, from overexer tion caused by lifting, are four times higher than the national average for all industries.