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Fifty-four percent of the cases involved overexertion and bodily reaction, which includes repetitive motion involving microtasks (31 percent).
These injuries are caused by overexertion and high repetition; for example, facility operators who deal with long-winded valves that require more than one hundred repeat turns.
WHEREAS, the majority of musculoskeletal injuries received by Registered Nurses and other health care workers are a direct result of straining and overexertion in transferring, repositioning and lifting patients: and
18 Also, job hazard analyses could be performed to identify contributing factors and potential areas for overexertion safety improvements.
This is important for work organization techniques, such as job rotation, job enlargement and worker training, as a task unfamiliar to the worker could result in performance decrements and possibly overexertion injuries.
For pitta-dominant people, intense heat and overexertion are risk factors.
Overexertion (repetative motion, fatigue, muscle strain, joint sprains).
12 drummers drumming: Let's hope they weren't jamming for too long - unlike the 83 people admitted for overexertion and strenuous or repetitive movements within Kirklees which was nearly three times the 32 admitted in Calderdale.
The leading causes of injury leading to missing time from work were contact with an object or equipment, overexertion and falls.
BENEFITS Cycling is a low-impact activity and one of the safest ways to exercise without risk of overexertion or strain to muscles and joints.
being struck by or against, or caught in or crushed by various tools, equipment, machinery, parts, or materials) decreased with age, and rates for overexertion were lowest for younger worker (16-19 years and 20-24 years) and older worker (55-64 years and [greater than or equal to]65 years) age groups.
Whatever I had managed to do from simple overexertion led to two frustrating months away from the gym.