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Air embolism occurs when the lungs overexpand while breathing compressed air underwater.
RISI's principle concern is that the OSB industry will, at least temporarily, overexpand in response to the higher prices that prevailed during much of the period 1992-'94.
The puzzle thus becomes: why do states sometimes overexpand (go too far), causing other states to create such counterbalances?
The tougher Swift A-Frame bullet will handle such a job with aplomb, but it was too much to ask of the Scirocco, which had a tendency to overexpand when striking a target at extremely high velocities.
Just because fiduciary bank money may be issued in a manner that does not contribute to the business cycle, it does not follow that banks cannot overexpand credit in practice.
If all bankers in this subsystem attempt to overexpand their portfolios simultaneously, net loan rates will tend to fall below and net deposit rates will tend to rise above the common rate of net income, lowering their profits and, therefore, inducing their loan operations to contract.
But inevitably this segment will overexpand, and some breweries will make bad beer.
This seems like a simple problem offhand, but if you do the analysis you find that the vapor bubble will expand, overexpand, recollapse, and reexpand," said Hirt.
If driven as hard as safely possible in the much stronger Marlin 1985 lever action, much less the Ruger #1 or #3, these bullets tend to overexpand, and sometimes even blow up.
7) Similar inattention brought a charge, later retracted (Selgin and White 1996), that banks could overexpand in unison without triggering restraint by arbitrage.