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The partners also overextended themselves in breadth of product range.
We made sure that the privacy of our seniors and students would be protected, that our mentors wouldn't be overextended, and that the matches made between mentors and students would be beneficial to both.
In China, high unemployment, widespread poverty, bankrupt state-owned enterprises, plummeting foreign investment, and a banking system more overextended than any other in the world have all narrowed the options for the communist rulers.
Determined to succeed professionally, they easily become over-involved and overextended.
But they have overextended themselves--such as with Canary Wharf, a British office development--and have to divert profits from their successful projects here and in Toronto.
Many overextended homeowners are left with little option but foreclosure.
66, and given the overextended nature of the recent decline, I see potential for a bounce toward 193.
If we count those dogs whose immune systems break down from the stress of overextended hold periods in L.
Five talented dancers worked hard to make Snaith's project more than just an overextended exercise in whimsy.
When the prices of telecommunication shares collapsed in 2000, they suddenly realized they were overextended and began running in the opposite direction, i.
Until mid-1942, the war news was nearly all bad, and a significant number of Americans thought an overextended U.
A quick review of financial statements by a trained eye can help detect slow collections, poor financial management, overextended accounts payable or other warning signs, early.