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But the words "explosive," "overextended," "too many people pulling from far too many different directions," and "a part of your body that was supposed to be inside was outside" were something we had never before heard in reference to hemorrhoids.
Emotional exhaustion refers to feelings of being emotionally overextended and depleted of one's emotional resources.
She feels that this trend has come about because of the need to shorten time spent in overextended courts and the increasing reluctance of clients to pay the amount required to research and prepare for litigation.
The Democratic state senator from Portsmouth, who is sponsoring or co-sponsoring 124 bills this session, tells a reporter: "Please don't write that I've overextended myself."
If you think you're overextended, the following books and organizations, may help.
This allows network administrators to immediately identify new proxy anonymizer sites when they are created, rather than days or weeks later when they are added to the URL list, ultimately eliminating the burden placed on overextended IT departments.
While copper, and aluminum, are showing signs of being overextended, nickel markets continue to show great strength.
Army Corps of Engineers overextended its permitting authority under the Clean Water Act of 1972 by restricting construction near storm drains and ditches.
His overextended and debt-crushed empire collapsed in 1998 when AHERF filed a $1.3 billion bankruptcy, the largest ever in not-for-profit health care.
The company has become financially overextended due to its policy of rapidly expanding its store chain as well as weak clothing sales this winter, the Fukuoka branch of research agency Teikoku Databank Ltd.
It is no match for the existing and overextended capacities within existing public or private organizations, the document states.
"The institution has to be stable and well-funded so it's not overextended. But I am cautiously optimistic.