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In fact, to keep Pucci's knees from overextending, she and Letts defaulted last Thursday's third-place match to teammates Nancy Hwang and Jamie Ladd.
So when he took the mound against the San Jose Giants on Thursday night after a three-week stint on the disabled list, JetHawks pitching coach Jim Slaton said he didn't want Marte overextending himself.
Although consumers may not have begun to experience the harmful effects of overextending their credit during uncertain economic times, they must not assume that in the future they will have the money to pay off the debts they are taking on today.
Reach for your toes as far as possible without overextending.
By integrating PayBase into the i-Point platform, organizations can now better safeguard against overextending the company's assets because their financial managers can see up-to-the-minute reports on what checks have been paid across the enterprise.
In 2002, remember to spread your holiday shopping and spending throughout the year to take advantage of sales and to avoid overextending yourself during the holidays.
Additionally, VideoShare's robust infrastructure enables users to store, edit and manage videos remotely, without overextending their own server and database resources.
Our Enablement Technology service gives them the opportunity to do this in an effective and efficient way, without overextending their budgets or their development resources.