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Of much greater concern, however, are the overextensions of evolutionary psychology's rightful domain of legitimate proclamation.
This data appears to challenge another popular notion that most homeowners' bankruptcies are often precipitated by an overextension of bankcard debt.
One tilter (Autoquip), uses a shock absorbing mechanism to prevent overextension.
It results in overextension without the necessary resource base and commitment.
Roughly equal proportions of the users of each type of home equity product mentioned the risk of losing the home as a disadvantage, but credit line holders expressed concerns about possible debt overextension twice as frequently as users of traditional home equity loans.
Davies corrects the traditional version of Bouilloux-Lafont's story, which held that his mismanagement and overextension provoked the French government into withdrawing the subsidy to his line, Aeropostale, in 1931.
The difficulty in speech may be due to the overextension of the upper dentures onto the soft palate which generally results in speech difficulties.
First, America suffers from fatigue and overextension.
Morsi's order was hailed by his supporters, who viewed the Military Council's decision as downplayed coup and a subversion of democracy, but his opponents criticized the move as an overextension of his powers.
While Business Partners and its former parent, Telesis, has taken some heat for what some say was an overextension of their loan participations, one of the CUSO's equity owners and board member said the firm has filled a void.
Joseph Massad in 2008 described an impression technique which involves the layering method, which maintains the integrity between layers of the impression materials of varying viscosities and controls the path of insertion thus minimizing the incidence of overextension.