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Unfortunately, in following Summers, the various rules currently in force leave too much room for impermissible overextensions of Summers.
Even should one forgive its title and presentation, the book suffers from overextension.
and subsequent overextension of the local treasury, becomes a major
The use of the term "tired" in this context means to most of us the naming of our exhaustion resulting from recurrent or chronic overextension.
The creation of Baghdad was impressive but began visibly to unravel within decades, and the even more dramatic overextension of power and money represented by the building of Samara' amounts to part of a pattern, not an isolated instance.
54) But if the state and federal governments are funding interjurisdictional competition at federal expense, and if fiscal overextension by states and localities places the federal treasury at risk, then it seems unclear that the federal government should be restricted from engaging in any ex ante regulation of states in order to avoid the need for ex post bailouts.
The result, Buchanan says, has been a world-wide overextension.
The project underwent a series of problems, from the deaths of two construction workers to overextension by primary lender Corus Bank.
In an age of overextension, taking up the rhetorical cudgel without an ability to influence events on the ground once more runs the risk of mismatching the reality of US capacity with projected expectations.
In the end, she settles on an account that includes caution over inflating the concept of human rights through overextension, a consensus-based defense of pragmatism and plural foundations for human rights, the capability approach's focus on the characteristically and essentially human, and the maximalist commitment to the real worth of human beings.
The bank has worked for almost a year with Global Investments Group to try and resolve the company's many problems, including poor trading, cash flow issues, overextension on capital expenditure and significant pressure from other creditors.
China, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, nuclear nonproliferation) and letting the rest slide: "the United States suffers from an overextension of its foreign policy obligations.