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This is not because her work is saturated with biblical references, or because she writes piously about a vanished past, or because she waxes kabbalistic and makes play with Golems and gematriaall techniques that have grown overfamiliar in American Jewish writing.
Such a definition of culture is as incontestable as it is overfamiliar.
They ignored prison schedules and rules, especially against overfamiliar relations with the men.
The Ode's last direct episode, the half-story and half-scene of the deserted, and displaced town, whose people have gone to see a sacrifice and so have inadvertently emptied, deserted, depopulated, or lost sight of their own not-visible town, refers by extreme indirection to the immense and overfamiliar theme variously called "lost villages of England," "depopulation," and "enclosure.
Such attitudes are perhaps overfamiliar, invested in maintaining fixed binaries of Woman as either angelic or utterly fallen.
What our age most needs is precisely what it characteristically rejects: an imaginative literature informed by a grasp of the normal and normative in human experience, or, in Chesterton's overfamiliar formulation, by a centricity rather than eccentricity of genius.
becoming first famous, then overfamiliar, then tiresome and aesthetically uninteresting.
A husband who is married for a long time becomes overfamiliar with his wife and tires of her.
And, being overfamiliar with institutions, I dread going into a home for the elderly.
If not wholly wrong, such interpretations are, according to Campbell, superficial and unsatisfying, especially since these meanings are typically projected back onto Isabella's overfamiliar personality.
Barnes also prolongs the caller's identification stage by interposing Martha's (mistaken) thought in sentence 9, so that readers are also put in a position to appreciate the contrast between her initial guess (someone overfamiliar in red braces) and reality.
Let's see how quickly I can run through the overfamiliar list: Weapons of mass destruction in Saddam's Iraq?