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The researchers gave overfed mice oleoylethanolamine injections and found that the mice had a dopamine surge when fat reached the gut, ate less and lost weight.
All female offspring then were divided into four groups of nine to 12 animals each: (1) non-BPA-exposed controls that received a normal diet, (2) BPA-exposed offspring that received a normal diet, (3) overfed, obese controls and (4) overfed, obese BPA-exposed offspring.
PROJECT Killingworth Lake which has been plagued by overfed swans and geese
The recirculator vessel separates overfed liquid from vapor and liquid falls to the bottom of the vessel to be pumped back out to the evaporators while the saturated vapor is directed to the compressors through the "dry suction" line.
The present study was designed to elucidate the correlation between LPL activities, expression of LPL in different tissues and measured plasma parameters including triacylglycerol (TG) concentrations, glucose and insulin in control and overfed geese of the Landes and Sichuan white breeds.
Then, when warming soil makes many more nutrients available, you find that you have overfed your plants.
Dr Adam Drewnowski, (NOTE--SPELLING IS CORRECT) director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at University of Washington said: "We are an overfed but undernourished nation .
The Times notes that an obesity epidemic among evermore-sedentary and overfed dogs mirrors that among humans.
They also need proper exercise and not to be overfed.
Obviously this poor specimen has been seriously overfed, perhaps by the tourists: is this another effect of over-commercialisation?
Unlike other apparently endless chronological exhibitions, the disposition of the artefacts is such that visitors can see their route ahead, gently ramping up to the deck level exit point, without instilling fear of being overfed with historical facts, figures and salvage.
He's a slobby, pampered, overfed prep school geek with a swelled head that isn't entirely the result of his permanently congested sinuses.