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The total pump flow rate will depend on the minimum mass flow rate required to meet the aggregate capacity of connected evaporators and the recommended overfeed rate for the evaporators.
The overfeed incident resulted in a high concentration of fluoride (92 milligrams per liter [mg/LI) in water that came from a drinking fountain at the school.
2] overfeed was the only option under this system to ensure that the plant's disinfection and [Cl.
They say parents who overfeed should be treated in the same way as those who under-feed their children.
It's easier to regulate appetite and harder to overfeed breastfed babies," he said.
Don't overfeed: Owners who overfeed their animals have been warned they could be causing as much suffering as those who starve them.
DON'T overfeed leeks or you'll get more top foliage than white stems.
Other potentially dangerous misconceptions include the idea that dogs will only eat as much as they need, which means that it's impossible to overfeed them.
If she is overfed, she may produce large amounts of milk and the kits may overfeed.
Also deeper screw feed channels can be used to reduce the tendency to overfeed the extruder.