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Alarms and gauges that were supposed to warn of the overfilled equipment didn't work properly.
The comforter and fiber bed will also be overfilled.
Coun Alan Holden, the man responsible for environmental issues on the council, said: "Despite initial animosity and unrest from the public to our requests to `slim the bin', we have seen a significant reduction in overfilled bins with more householders participating in the kerbside recycling scheme.
The explosions reportedly occurred when a crane operator overfilled a giant ladle with molten iron, spilling some of the white-hot metal into a pit of standing water.
Austrian journalists dubbed him the "Viennese idol" and one announced that "the era of Nureyev is being repeated: overfilled theaters, cries of 'bravo,' and even torrents of flowers.
The company suffered a bad case of deferred maintenance at the Powell River mill on October 17, 1994, when an overfilled wooden pulp vat burst, sending metal fragments flying into two nearby tanks containing 650,000 liters of liquid chlorine dioxide.
Their single-subject focus carried the message of social injustice more succinctly and eloquently than the content-laden, almost overfilled paintings.
A BOROUGH council yesterday defended its decision to prosecute a man who overfilled his wheelie bin by four inches.
A BOROUGH council defended its decision to prosecute a man who overfilled his wheelie bin by four inches.
Fouled air filters often start with an overfilled fuel tank.
yesterday that about 8,000 gallons of magnesium hydroxide accidentally had been released at the plant into the Assabet River, apparently because a tank had been overfilled, according to a DEP press release.