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overfill, underfill, ledge formation, perforations, apical transportation and/or instrument separation).
The most common errors in both groups, by far, was overfill (see Table 2).
Amongst the procedural errors noted during the course of this study, overfill proved to be the most frequent error in both groups in the present study
An overall statistical analysis by Haji-Hassani et al also showed similar results with overfill accounting for 18.9%.
Instrumentation exists that will monitor the contents of a vessel and provide an alarm in the event of a leak or overfill event.
Instrument 1--high level overfill prevention switch: The switch is installed to indicate when liquid in the tank reaches a dangerously high condition.
Additional spill and overfill detection methods are needed.
Outfitting tanks with overfill prevention switches and tank monitoring instruments will provide the security needed to prevent catastrophes.
Among the criteria used to select an advanced reconstitution system are the type of drug; the diluent volume type; the administration method (subcutaneous, IV, IM); requirements for linking to secondary administration (bag, auto-injector); the competitive environment; speed-to-market requirements; and overfill requirements.