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Overflow offers a rotating selection of beer from local Whatcom County breweries, as wll as elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest and California.
The municipality should take measures to prevent overflow of sewage until the completion of the sewage network project.
The teams were prepared with equipment to intervene in the event of rainwater overflow and logging, and could be rushed to the relevant areas.
The application of the traffic overflow mechanism in the switching network leads to a significant decrease in the internal blocking probability [14, 18, 19], though it has virtually no influence on the value of the external blocking probability in the switching network.
The ISO HO 00 03 provides coverage for water damage that is the result of a discharge or overflow of a plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or household appliance if it is on the residence premises.
The policy specifically excludes water that overflows from sumps, sump pumps, or related equipment or water that backs-up through sewers or drains.
Farmers, the California Court of Appeal held that the exclusion for water which "backs up or overflows from a sewer, drain, or sump" applied, but cautioned that had the blockage been in the toilet itself rather than in the sewer, the exclusion would not have applied.
The discovery of the sewage overflow into Lake Quinsigamond led to the closing of Regatta Point and Lake Park State Beach because of health concerns.
Oregon's wet weather can have a smelly side effect: Sewage overflows, as rainfall overwhelms sewer lines.
Even on vessels equipped with fixed liquid-level gauges, crews measure the liquid level manually by hanging sounding tapes into sounding pipes located on the deck, to help prevent overflow and to check bunkering volume during refueling.
For many years, it was thought that the primary source of the Denmark Strait Overflow Water (DSOW)-a large, deep plume of water that forms part of the'great ocean conveyor belt', returning dense water south through gaps in the Greenland-Scotland Ridge--is a current adjacent to Greenland known as the East Greenland Current.