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The equivalent group is a certain fictitious group, such that traffic that overflows from the group is identical to traffic that overflows from real groups.
Overflows are excluded for sumps because that is a common cause of loss; the sump cannot handle the volume of water it receives.
The policy specifically excludes water that overflows from sumps, sump pumps, or related equipment or water that backs-up through sewers or drains.
I have seen no figures suggesting that the existing overflows (which have performed perfectly well for well over a hundred years) have insufficient capacity safely to deal with emergency overflows, or that any of them is structurally unsound or in any way decayed.
Farmers, the California Court of Appeal held that the exclusion for water which "backs up or overflows from a sewer, drain, or sump" applied, but cautioned that had the blockage been in the toilet itself rather than in the sewer, the exclusion would not have applied.
The commissioner said while the city strives to eliminate all sanitary sewer overflows, such events are not completely unavoidable in a city like Worcester which has some 660 miles of sewers
Oregon's wet weather can have a smelly side effect: Sewage overflows, as rainfall overwhelms sewer lines.
Yermasogia mayor Andreas Gavrielides urged civic responsibility and warned that when the reservoir overflows the water needed to flow along the old river bed and illegal premises built in recent years will obstruct the flow.
This improves the efficiency of fuel level measuring operations, reduces workload, and helps prevent overflows, thus reducing the risk of fuel spills and environmental damage from fuel tank overfill.
We feel very happy when the lake overflows," said Isaad Ali, a tourist.
Combined sewer overflows discharge wastewater into watercourses during heavy rain, to protect properties and surrounding land.
2 : to flow over bounds <The creek overflows every spring.