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Could it be that it allows ordinary Americans access to facts, which reveal exactly what kind of "friend" Israel has been to its overgenerous benefactor?
The current figure was set by ex-Tory PM Sir John Major in 1990 and frozen a decade ago to compensate for 10 years of overgenerous payments.
60-4) seems overgenerous, but conversely the digital (lidar-derived) elevation models would have been more useful if much bigger (pp.
Along with its crazy profligacy, the Greek state payroll has peculiar features, including overgenerous pensions, for which healthy fifty-year-olds are sometimes eligible, combined with miserable salaries for junior pen pushers.
If there is even a hint of worry that central banks are being overgenerous in the extent and duration of their monetary stimuli, gold will become everyone's touchstone," he adds.
The work ethic here is strong and not yet debased by the overgenerous social security net in many developed countries which makes people lazy and unmotivated.
leading to an outcome which is overgenerous to Scotland.
He insisted: "So, despite what is being said, it is not an overgenerous allowance to maintain our democratic principles.
Responsibility for its failure has been batted from Government to the management over the years, with initial reports laying the blame at the society's overgenerous payouts to policyholders.
Surveying the whole of Rubbra's symphonic achievement suggests, however, that Finzi's assessment of his colleague's work may have been overgenerous.
This overgenerous extravagant award by Marshal Omer Ahmed al-Bashir to the Egyptian football team is considered by skeptics and many reasonable others as a gift from the one who does not have to those ones who do not deserve at all