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For Beveridge, New Zealand--specifically its Labour government--had been overgenerous and over-interventionist.
In the first place, arguing that General Utilities was unfairly generous to corporations necessarily implies that a tax on a corporation's shareholders exclusively, rather than a tax on both, is fundamentally "overgenerous." (125) However, there is very little traditional justification for a true double tax.
A series of few well-placed, but not overgenerous, economic concessions were made to compensate for the continued absence of a political solution.
In respect of Chesterton, however, I think the comparison overgenerous to Sobran.
If the church is to make a qualitative difference in this pluralized world, its members will have to live, embrace and display an overgenerous Jesus who shares his life with whosoever.
Cahill could be in for a good nightwith ThurlesbegBound fancied for the 8.15, although the 9-4 with Hills is not overgenerous.
On his own terms, either Kant can't really have meant all women, or there is a permanent class that makes the law "contrary to the natural laws of freedom and of the equality of everyone in the people." The former seems overgenerous, since unlike in "On the Common Saying" the term "alle" is explicitly applied Frauen, and Kant showed no other signs of remitting.
Shareholders, led by insurers and large pension funds, have become increasingly critical of what they regard as overgenerous pay for senior executives, especially where corporate performance has been disappointing.
Mossis' roast beef, beef tongue and basterma sandwiches are also widely popular for their taste, which is reminiscent of old times when sandwiches did not drown in an overgenerous slosh of mayonnaise.
Like many others, he lamented the overgenerous land policies of the federal and state governments, which not only gave away "untold millions of fertile acres of the public domain" to railroads but also invited fraud and corruption.
I find John's evaluation of Gallus fair, if somewhat overgenerous. But then I saw more of Gallus.
The more particular and local finding for Spain is that take-out rates there are in one sense overgenerous to players.