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So far Skills Mill have repaired broken fencing at the Kenton Crescent play area, cut out rubbish from overgrown hedgerows and seeded part of Kenton Dene as a wildflower meadow.
A resident Salman Ahmed said, 'I could not even go for prayer in the mosque due to overgrown grass and wild bushes on the footpaths due to fear of presence of any wild animal under these bushes.
It is now that we all value them, and would like to return to those old fashioned methods, as today tax payers spent PS millions on repairing damaged highways, ditches, and overgrown vegetation, repairing flood defences with highway machinery.
PONIES were subject to "shocking neglect" after a man failed to deal with their severely overgrown hooves.
I waited for a recording like this for many years: one combining Dvorak's Poetic Tone Pictures and Janacek's On an Overgrown Path, the grandest piano works by these two composers, allied both spiritually and compositionally.
A three-bedroom house completely hidden by overgrown shrubbery is up for auction at PS450,000.
Over the years I have complained on behalf of several neighbours about the illegal parking and overgrown hedges which make it difficult for pedestrians to navigate the footpath in Shard End Crescent (there were other issues involved), but visits from a councillor and representatives from the Housing Department resulted in no action being taken.
In July, the RSPCA attended their Merthyr home to find the dog with extensive fur loss, overgrown nails and fleas.
ACTION CALL: Brian Kerrigan, right, says the Kirkby allotments have overgrown, main picture, and are hardly used by gardeners COMMUNITY allotments in Kirkby were once so popular there was a waiting list - but now local residents say they are growing out of control and threatening to take over their gardens.
It has been overgrown so many times it has become a danger to people walking who cannot see where the open culvert is because of its overgrown state.
Yes I do agree about the parking on the roundabouts and A66 slip roads, but before they start fining people for parking on the Riverside road verges (easy money from the motorist again) they should look at the state of the overgrown hedges that people have to walk out on to the road to get past and get them cut back.
Under window cleaning means Within the streak-free overgrown facade of glass, Streak-free overgrown facade of glass outside, Streak-free overgrown separation of glass (double-sided) Under overgrown glass includes the immediate frame of the glass and window frames, parapet and sill, using the appropriate methodology and proper cleaning.