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the meeting will be held outside university suites under the overhang.
Traders said that an ongoing crude and refined product supply overhang that has dogged markets for over two years was dragging on markets.
The Portland Designer Countertop Bracket will be immediately available in 3 sizes for varying overhang lengths and two finishes.
Given the apparent need for shading, two systems were analyzed - a) automated top-down roller shades (baseline system) and b) a combined dynamic shading system consisting of an overhang, an internal tiltable fabric light shelf and automated bottom-up roller shades (advanced system).
According to Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC), the Indian Supreme Court's recent finding that all coal blocks allocated in the nation during 1993 to 2010 were not as per rules, could create an overhang in the sector.
Then, we compute the overhang of structures as the percentage difference between the actual stock of structures and the optimal level.
In case of the advanced system, the overhang and the light shelf divided the window into two independent sections--i) the view aperture (bottom window), and ii) the auxiliary aperture (top window).
3 mm from the inferior glenoid rim (of the reamed glenoid) resulting in a glenosphere overhang of 2.
As these older properties were not necessarily constructed with first floor rooms precisely the same size as those on the ground floor if first and ground floor rooms are of inconsistent size it is possible that the first floor of one unit can overhang the ground floor of an adjacent unit.
The authors define "public debt overhang episodes" as periods when public debt-to-GDP ratios exceeded 90 percent for more than five years.
For example, ten 12-inch fabric squares will top a standard 82-inch tabletop with 15-inch overhang at each end.
The oil market will stay well supplied and an overhang of stocks will be more than sufficient to meet any extra demand next year, Opec said last Thursday, suggesting no need for more Opec production for some time.