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I think it's affectation to compare the Oder to music, and so do you, but the overhanging warehouses of Stettin take beauty seriously, which we don't, and the average Englishman doesn't, and despises all who do.
I must be getting back to my overhanging warehouse," said the man.
At the same instant the ape-man dropped from an overhanging limb full upon the lion's back and as he alighted he plunged his knife into the tawny side behind the left shoulder, tangled the fingers of his right hand in the long mane, buried his teeth in Numa's neck and wound his powerful legs about the beast's torso.
The lawyer's overhanging reddish mustaches were parted in a scarcely perceptible smile.
Then he advanced slowly through the trees until he stood upon a bough overhanging one side of the amphitheater.
As they advanced I moved my boat farther and farther in beneath the overhanging wall, but at last it became evident that their craft was holding the same course.
Now she was beneath the overhanging limbs and close above her crouched Tarzan, waiting the outcome of the race.
Still following the stranger, with my eyes intently fixed on every movement of his rod and line, and with not so much as a chance fragment of my attention to spare for the rough path along which I was walking, I stepped by chance on the loose overhanging earth at the edge of the bank, and fell into the stream in an instant.
If there is overhanging greenery that obstructs the passage in the public space, the owner of the garden can get a letter with the request to prune the overhanging greenery.
30pm after the animal fell from a cyclepath into a hedge overhanging the busy road.
If there are overhanging parts, such as the increasingly common micro USB connector, make sure the panel tabs aren't placed near them.
Most importantly, those employed have dangerously felled trees with an excavator that caused trees to fall the wrong way, overhanging neighbouring properties and endangering residents and property.