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Then he advanced slowly through the trees until he stood upon a bough overhanging one side of the amphitheater.
The overhanging trees, also, shed their brown leaves upon It, as often as the autumn came; and at its base grew ferns and wild flowers, some of which crept quite over its surface.
Immense strata of rocks jutted up into crags and cliffs; and sometimes formed perpendicular walls and overhanging precipices.
Figure to yourself, my Julia, the rushing waters, lessening from their expanded width to the degeneracy of the stagnant pool--rocks rise on rocks in overhanging mountains, until the weary eye, refusing its natural office, yields to the fancy what its feeble powers can never conquer.
They could neither jump it nor cross it, for it had overhanging banks all round upon either side, above which there were the sharp stakes that the sons of the Achaeans had planted so close and strong as a defence against all who would assail it; a horse, therefore, could not get into it and draw his chariot after him, but those who were on foot kept trying their very utmost.
Old Sam now readily recognized the overhanging rock under which his skiff had been sheltered during the thunder gust.
We had left the beach early in the morning, and after an uninterrupted, though at times difficult and dangerous ascent, during which we had never once turned our faces to the sea, we found ourselves, about three hours before sunset, standing on the top of what seemed to be the highest land on the island, an immense overhanging cliff composed of basaltic rocks, hung round with parasitical plants.
The surrounding shores were wild and broken, with overhanging cliffs and precipices of black volcanic rock.
Seating himself with a leg overhanging the abyss on each side, and his hatchet slung upon his back, Challenger hopped his way across the trunk and was soon at the other side.
Thence he went along the verge of the upland overhanging the other Hintocks, and, turning to the right, plunged into the bracing calcareous region of Flintcomb-Ash, the address from which she had written to him in one of the letters, and which he supposed to be the place of sojourn referred to by her mother.
Instead I stopped close to the opposite wall beneath an overhanging mass of rock that cast a dense shadow beneath it.
Then the great bulls in the center of the arena felt the mighty fangs of their demented fellow, and with one accord they melted into the black shadows of the overhanging forest.