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Whether for use on a wall-hung counter, such as a receptionist desk, serving counter, or other commercial location, or an island overhang to create an entertainment or breakfast bar, the Portland provides complete support and strength, keeping your cabinets safe and your countertops, theoretically, afloat.
The authors in their previous work have studied the thermal performance of a combined dynamic shading system consisting of an overhang, a tiltable internal fabric light shelf and automated bottom-up roller shades.
The overhang in the rest of the private sector is computed as a weighted average of the overhangs in each industry, with weights proportional to the optimal value of structures in each industry.
Where one freehold property overhangs another, these rights of support will not be intrinsic in the legal titles to either property - hence the term 'flying freehold'.
A little over half the episodes are associated with high real interest rates and indeed, many pre-World War II debt overhangs ended in restructurings.
I-joists with 2x4 extensions nailed to them to form the front and back overhangs (Photo 6).
You're going to have a building that overhangs the line of cars before they pass through the security checkpoint," a source said.
Any perceptible vibration is virtually eliminated while end milling or profile milling with overhangs up to seven times diameter.
This paper examines the role of capital equipemnt overhangs in recent investment fluctuations using a measure based on the Jorgenson neoclassical model of investment.