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53) Since it was a familiar doctrinal point that the truly elect could not fully fall from grace, a principle referred to as the "perseverance of the saints," theatergoers would have recognized Angelo's implicit, overhasty logic and the conclusion to which he leaps: the elect cannot fall from grace; I have, therefore I am a reprobate.
having a more relaxed timescale when children are placed on an emergency basis, to avoid placement breakdown due to overhasty decision-making about the next placement;
The British military specialist John Keegan warned against drawing overhasty conclusions.
For both he scrutinizes critical annotations and analyses, taking umbrage at overhasty generalization, easy moralizing, and restrictive labeling, seeking instead physical sensations, contradictory shadings, and nuanced hues.
This new Astra proves that Vauxhall have raised their game beyond anybody's wildest expectations, and shows that they're a company that deserves to be saved from some sort of overhasty recession-reactive reorganisation.
However, that does not mean you should be overhasty or take something that's said to you in a negative manner.
1 was not a measure designed to advance a previously disadvantaged group but on the contrary, was arbitrary, overhasty and amounted to unfair discrimination (Van Heerden 1129C-1134H), and declared it discriminatory and constitutionally invalid.
123)--to overhasty assemblage of her various earlier articles and papers on this and related subjects.
61) Mishaps of this sort occasionally became a source of friction as in 1854, when the trustees of the Sydney Synagogue expressed their frustration with Nathan Adler in an overhasty letter to the London Jewish Chronicle criticizing his failure to find a suitable candidate to fill the congregation's pulpit.
In these days of overhasty publication, it is a pleasure to acknowledge the additional labors exerted by two talented younger scholars in bringing their works to final and, in both cases, highly successful conclusions.
Given this congruence between the views of Sciascia and Consolo, the critic Concetto Ternullo's rejection of comparisons between these two writers is perhaps overhasty.
Thus to consign these systems to "protolanguage" is perhaps overhasty.