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(53) Since it was a familiar doctrinal point that the truly elect could not fully fall from grace, a principle referred to as the "perseverance of the saints," theatergoers would have recognized Angelo's implicit, overhasty logic and the conclusion to which he leaps: the elect cannot fall from grace; I have, therefore I am a reprobate.
An additional issue in relation to placements was the suggestion of more relaxed time scales when children are placed in an emergency, in order to avoid placement breakdown due to overhasty decision-making about the next placement.
We have opted for a phased-in, cost-conscious approach rather than for an overhasty, costly makeover.
But, as usual in our encounter with the work of Soyinka, we must not be overhasty in drawing our conclusions!
This position seems equally to prove overhasty Levinasian scholars' critique of Booth on the grounds that the latter's "continuing attention to fictional rhetoric--now weighted by an ethics--shows how dedicated he is to a mostly unidirectional and static model of literary discourse: from author through text to reader" (Newton 65).
Suggestions for slowing overhasty aging almost outnumber posited mechanisms.
It thus seems overhasty to conclude "that it was the
And Transport Minister Sadiq Khan said: "We will soon publish an action plan to stop excessive penalties, overhasty impounding and inadequate clamping signs."
The British military specialist John Keegan warned against drawing overhasty conclusions.
For both he scrutinizes critical annotations and analyses, taking umbrage at overhasty generalization, easy moralizing, and restrictive labeling, seeking instead physical sensations, contradictory shadings, and nuanced hues.
This new Astra proves that Vauxhall have raised their game beyond anybody's wildest expectations, and shows that they're a company that deserves to be saved from some sort of overhasty recession-reactive reorganisation.
However, that does not mean you should be overhasty or take something that's said to you in a negative manner.