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The contract envisages material and technical supply and overhaul of 600 kilometers of the Baku-Boyuk Kasik railway.
Chief Technical Officer Amir Ali and Chief Engineer Engine Overhaul Ishaq Rizvi also spoke at the occasion.
A point to understand is that while a field overhaul resets the time since major overhaul clock, it will never erase the used engine's total time in service.
The project was rescheduled once in 2014 and then to 2015 when two separate reviews by Motiva found the refinery was not ready to carry out a major overhaul, in part due a shortage of contract workers.
Mike Patton, managing director of GE Aviation Wales, said: "The number and range of engines we overhaul for British Airways shows the continued confidence the airline has in GE Aviation Wales.
The other three agreements include: a five year Engine Technical Service Agreement with Air Moldova for the maintenance, repair, overhaul and related services for CFM56-5A1 engines; a one-year Letter of Agreement with Merpati Airlines for the maintenance, repair, overhaul and related services for CFM-56-3 engines; and a Letter of Agreement with Mandala Airlines for the repair, overhaul and related services for one CFM56-5A engine.
SABIC has pledged the strongest possible commitment to keep the local community informed about operational events such as this overhaul, particularly since it will involve a significant amount of flaring as the plant is taken off line in May and re-started in June.
The four-month job will be the second major overhaul at the station in two years.
The winning entry discussed how Warner Robins Air Logistics Center used Operations Research in 2005 to arrive at a radically different approach to manage the repair and overhaul activity on its C-5 transport aircraft.
Some analysts estimate that as many as half the companies that attempt such an overhaul become so overwhelmed they give up.
ROLLS-ROYCE has bought one of America's leading aero and industrial repair and overhaul business.