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The first public showing of the Overhauler was at an outdoor show in Thunder Bay last February.
NASDAQ: TATT) has closed its acquisition of Israeli jet engine overhauler Chromalloy Israel Ltd.
The overhauler has different instructions: Put the heap atop the jack, take it apart, replace the parts, realign the wheels, flush the engine, put in six quarts of oil and give me a loaner car because this won't be an overnight job.
The reason some overhaulers are reluctant to endorse analysis is that they've seen too many examples of engines with serious problems (cam destruction, broken rings, etc.
NASDAQ: TATT) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Israeli jet engine overhauler Chromalloy Israel Ltd.
According to Mark Mercer, chief inspector at Quality Aircraft Accessories, a major overhauler of fuel pumps, the failures he most often sees are due to debris that got into the fuel system when it was opened up to inspect or replace a component.
A designer, builder and overhauler of tugboats, ferries, lift boats, barges, offshore supply vessels and other steel and aluminium products, the company also provides repair and new construction services, at its five shipyards located in southern Louisiana and Texas.
While a customer can specify an engine overhauler of their choice, most engines are overhauled by Signature Engines in Cincinnati, Ohio, and come with a two-year or 500-hour warranty.
That episode taught me how fast an engine overhauler can go down the tubes.