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He said overhauling of one offshore and five onshore drilling rigs is on agenda and since overhauling of the offshore rig is costly, tender will be held for the purpose to selected the foreign partner and financier of the project.
Without detailed knowledge of the various dash numbers, the service bulletin status and economics of potential upgrade paths, an owner will be swimming in a sea of unknowns when overhauling this class of turbine.
In addition to overhauling the RB211 which powers the airline's Boeing 747s and 767s, GE Aviation Wales also overhauls the CFM56 engine which powers the airline's Boeing 737s and Airbus A320s, and the GE90 engine which powers the Boeing 777.
Last August, a senior Iranian Air Force commander had announced that the country attained self-sufficiency in overhauling military aircraft despite the sanctions imposed by the western countries.
Pricewise, a C-85 or C-9-6 conversion is more expensive than a basic A-65 overhaul, even if overhauling the C-85 will cost a little more when that comes due.
Tenders are invited for Front & Rear Both side wheel Greasing, both Brake Lining Changing and overhauling, Differentia overhauling, Propeller Shaft Assembly overhauling, Rear both side Spring Recumbering, King Pin overhauling, Water Pump overhauling, and front both side engine mounting changing and clutch overhauling.
The overhauling operations of the plane took 30,000 man/hours of work.
Tenders are invited for Outsourcing of overhauling, reconditioning and minor repair works of various machines at BPS&ZFPM/cShop
In October 2013, Russian Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev said he was surprised at the Iranian Air Force's capabilities in overhauling different types of airplanes.