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LTLGS was the first in the market to overhaul Boeing 777-300ER landing gears.
Currently filming its second season, Off-Road Overhaul is the authority in off-road vehicle customization, taking normal trucks and 4x4s and transforming them into high-performance, off-road masterpieces.
The overhaul will provide a major boost to the local and regional economies of North-east England, as SABIC will be investing around pounds 30m on the turnaround.
Schwarzenegger accused the Democrat-dominated Legislature of failing, in the six weeks since his measures were introduced, to act on or offer counterproposals to constitutionally overhaul budgeting, teacher pay, pensions and political districts.
5 million miles, the truck had not had an engine overhaul and showed that the rod and main bearings were still in good condition with minimal engine wear due to puraDYN micro-fine filtration, and the use of a premium oil.
Overhaul of Class 156 bogies required in accordance with Specification: AT/CI0734 Issue 1, Revision A Class 150, 153 & 156 DMU Bogie Overhaul types BP38,P3-10 & BT38
Other parts of the Teesside media will also be used to publicise the overhaul, which is expected to start on May 7, with some fairly significant flaring around that time as the contents of the plant are safely flared off prior to the major maintenance work and safety inspections starting.
8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Multiple airlines and additional landing gear MROs have signed new agreements with Boeing's Landing Gear Overhaul and Exchange Program covering 777, 737NG, 767-300F and 717 airplanes.
With such a viable attack asset, the logical thing to do was to give it an overhaul that would extend its serviceable life, improve its capabilities, increase safety and reliability, and reduce field maintenance requirements.
If lawmakers do not provide the two-thirds vote necessary to put his state employee pension overhaul on the ballot, Schwarzenegger might back a proposition written by Assemblyman Keith Richman, R-Granada Hills, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.
Located on a more than 156,000 square meter site beside a canal with Hong Kong and Macau in the far distance, the MTU Maintenance facility is a brand-new, state-of-the-art aircraft engine overhaul facility -- a 50/50 joint venture partnership between China Southern Airlines and MTU, the German engine division of DaimlerChrysler.
Contract notice: overhaul of the plasser and theurer rm900-rt high output ballast cleaners dr75601, 602 & 603 & associated power wagons.