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As she changed her frock, she wondered whether Cecil was sneering at her; really she must overhaul herself and settle everything up before she married him.
Off Ship Island Light the reefs were shaken out, and at Charley's suggestion a big fisherman's staysail was made all ready for hoisting, and the maintopsail, bunched into a cap at the masthead, was overhauled so that it could be set on an instant's notice.
These skills are now also being used to perform overhauls on the larger type.
The first overhaul represents the trial-and-error phase of the project and provided experience in establishing standards for other JF-17 overhauls in the future, according to Fu.
To find out how shops are doing when it comes to field overhauls, we ran an engine shop survey on sister publication AVweb, where nearly 400 respondents answered a variety of questions about their experience.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 15, 2015-CTS overhauls 100th CF6 engine
This will be the longest the Cracker plant has ever gone between major overhauls - the last one having taken place back in May/June 2002.
This is just the latest confirmation of the construction company's role as a leader in airfield construction: in addition to projects in Romania, recent runway overhauls have been successfully completed at Cologne Airport in Germany and Salzburg Airport in Austria.
Engine overhauls will be performed at Eagle Services Asia, Pratt & Whitney's Singapore-based engine overhaul facility, which is the company's center of excellence for PW4000 engine overhaul.
The Wabtec Rail business overhauls and refurbishes passenger transit vehicles and related components, while the Brush Traction unit offers locomotive overhauls, services and aftermarket components.
This will be the longest the Cracker - pictured above - has ever gone between major overhauls - the last one having taken place back in May/June 2002.
We have been supporting El Colono for the past six years with engine overhauls, hot section inspections, parts sales and technical assistance, commented Paul Goffredi, VSE Aviation President and COO.This new overhaul contract will increase our existing level of effort and is a great vote of confidence and trust in our technicians, services, response time and quality.