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"Managers may have to account for this behavior by designing and installing barrier fencing that minimises pacing or the risk that pacing animals will overheat," Tuberville added.
10 Asda hair straighteners May overheat, catch fire or give electric shock Recalled July 2013 6For full details see recalluk.com/latest/ product-recall.aspx
The A350XWB Overheat Detection System will be designed and manufactured at Kidde Aerospace & Defense's Wilson, North Carolina facility in US.
Small amounts of polymer are being overheated, exposed either to high temperatures for a short time or to moderately high temperatures for longer periods.
For the Atico percolator, if the thermostat fails, the plastic housing can overheat and melt while in use, posing a fire hazard.
Your dog will keep running even if he hurts, has cut paws, or if he's getting dehydrated and overheated. You have to think for him and prevent problems with your conscientious judgment.
The high heating rates of medium-frequency coreless furnaces enable them to quickly overheat. Kilowatt-hour counters, timing devices and computerized control systems can help prevent accidental overheating.
If you don't get enough water, your body may overheat. And that can be dangerous!
(2.) An improperly sized reducer is almost guaranteed to overheat under load.
Saab has received an order from Airbus for the provision of Overheat Detection Systems (OHDS) to be installed on the Airbus jetliner A350.
It also warned that poorly inflated tyres can quickly overheat.
overheat. HP laptop batteries have also previously been pulled following