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The G250 system will reportedly be the first completely integrated fire and overheat protection system ever used on a business aircraft.
IF they become too dirty, the signal processor or inverter regulator overheats and shuts down.
Global Banking News-May 16, 2013--Central bank head of Columbia says more rate cuts could overheat economy(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
If the engine starts to overheat and the cooling fan isn't turning, follow these steps:
The president of the central bank of Peru has said that he does not expect the economy to overheat.
A fan with broken blades will cause the engine and transmission to overheat.
But if the motor is part of an adjustable-speed drive and run at half speed, air flow will be reduced, causing the motor to overheat.
The company said leaving the handset in a car may cause the unit to overheat when it is left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, or when the smartphone's iPod function is used in direct sunlight.
If the fans aren't cleaned, they'll eventually burn out and the DLTM, LMRD or LEM will overheat.
After reports emerged that its batteries were prone to overheat and catch fire, Samsung recalled the phone in less than a month of its launch and released another one with replaced batteries.